8 Week business coaching and consultation program ( Intensive 1:1)

Please send an email to info@narosib.com with your questions or book a 30 min discovery session  and make sure this program is for you.

You can directly book your call directly through this link :


What will you get from this program?

This program is result oriented and tailor-made to the specific needs of one client depending on their stage of business.

In this program you have my highest level of individualised attention!

I will be working on a customised business solution that fits well with your life, your creativity and your budget and will help you GET RESULTS


By the end of this program you will have a

  • Clear vision broken into goals and actionable steps

  • A roadmap and strategy that shows you the way

  • Confidence that comes from clarity, knowledge and results

In this 8 weeks together we will identify the most important goals you should be focusing on in your business, identify growth opportunities and break your goals into actionable steps. 

Depending on your needs we may be focusing on any of the following areas : 

- Your business mindset

- Your marketing 

- Your product design ,production, sourcing and logistics system 

- Profitability 

I believe in bringing coaching, consulting and mentoring all together in one package to the client. This means that during this 8 weeks I will be challenging you with asking  powerful questions(coaching) but also sharing my experience with you as a business owner who has been on the same journey 

What's included


  • A 60 min kickstart assessment session:

In this session we go through the information you have provided in the assessment form and I do a mini interview with you to have a full understanding of your business.

I will do a thorough review of your business journey’s current state (want to start a business? want to make your first sale? want to grow your business? want to transition from day job to full time creative business owner?)


After this session we will identify the main areas you need support with, your vision & goals and come up with an action plan for the next 8 weeks and the results you can expect

*This session does not count as a coaching session)

  • Weekly 60 min PRIVATE 1:1 coaching session

In these sessions you have my highest level of individualised attention!

I will be working on a customised solution that fits well with your life, your personality, budget and your business.


I normally spend 30% of the time on working on your mindset, 60% of the time on strategies, 10% on troubleshooting. How we spend our time can be adjusted to your needs and what helps you most in your situation.

In these sessions I will be:

  • Addressing the main issues that you should focus first
  • Identifying strategies that bring you closer to your vision
  • Helping you overcome limiting beliefs and develop a growth mindset
  • Offering accountability, support and problem solving so that you take action
  • partnering with you in a creative process to maximize your potential


In between Weekly calls: Email and voicemail support during office hours( MO- Friday 09.00 to 17.00):

When you leave our coaching calls and start to implement what you learned challenges occur, but you are not alone! You can ask questions, ask for help and guidance and I am there to support you  

** I will be giving you all the advice and guidance you need about what YOU CAN DO. But I can’t do things on your behalf. You have to take ACTION! **


Please send an email to info@narosib.com with your questions or book a 30 min discovery session  and make sure this program is for you.

You can directly book your call directly through this link 

* Once the payment is processed you will receive a link to your first business assessment form and a seperate link to choose a time and date to book your first assessment session with me.

Filling in this questionnaire will help me prepare better for this session so that you can get better results from our first assessment session. 


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