Profitable Artistic Products

Create and Sell your artistically inspired product to your ideal customer

Online course + group coaching program!

The application to this program for February-March 2021 is closed!

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Here's What You'll Learn

Step-by-step instructions on how to transform your artistic inspirations and creativity successfully into high-quality products and reach your ideal customers.

In this four-week online course and group coaching program you will learn:

1.How to soulfully develop your business mindset while staying true to your artistic identity

2. How to identify, understand and reach your ideal customers, and turn them into a fanbase for your art

3. How to get inspired and design your ideal product by understanding different materials, mediums, product types and sustainable cost-effective production methods.

4. How to find the right selling price for your product that represents your worth

* This program does not focus on the topic of selling art in the form of original artwork  

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Who This Course is For

This course is ideal for female creatives, makers or just hobby crafters and artists who specifically want to: 

- Launch products inspired by their art or creative ideas
- Turn their hobby into a brand and
- Sell them profitably in a soulful, authentic way that is aligned with who they are. 

Hi!I am Sara
I am the founder of NAROSIB, a Swiss based luxury accessories brand with colourful prints Inspired by art from different eras and cultures.

When I launched NAROSIB I knew I wanted to use an eco friendly, unique luxury material to reflect my artistic inspiration that satisfies a higher end customer and is respectful to my art.

I didn’t want to just create another printed mug or T-shirt like everyone else, so I used everything I knew from my sourcing and engineering background to bring my vision into life in a way that was aligned with my values.

If you want to learn everything I know about turning an artistic vision into a brand and avoid the mistakes I made on the way of creating luxury products, then this course is for you.

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