Corporate social responsibility (CSR)

It's not only the colourful intricate designs we love, but it's also

how it’s made and who makes it.  

All Narosib scarves are manufactured with high-quality biodegradable

natural materials such as silk, wool, cashmere and modal in northern Italy, a historical region famous for its heritage of fine-quality textile and not far from where we are based in Switzerland. 

Narosib’s collection of illustrated scarves and shawls consists of high-quality timeless luxuries sourced ethically and sustainably in Italy. 


Ethical production in Italy

We intentionally avoid unsustainable low-value synthetic material such as polyester. All our scarves are made from biodegradable eco-friendly materials. 

We work exclusively with verified manufacturers who offer sufficient proof of ethical fair working conditions for their employees. 

We use a range of manufacturing partners based near Como, North of Italy. A region that is historically famous for creating the best quality silk in the world for high-end luxury brands.

 Como north of Italy silk region

Sustainable manufacturing practice 

All manufacturing processes have some form of impact on the environment, at NAROSIB we do our best to bring this impact as low as possible.

NAROSIB scarves are made using the “Inkjet printing” method also known as digital textile printing. This method creates the least amount of waste in the making process and makes it possible to produce small quantities for our limited-edition collections.

Although a large portion of the production process is done by modern machinery, a lot of manual work goes into producing a scarf, such as rolling the hems of scarves in the well -known Italian style or attaching the care labels to each piece. This part can only be made by the loving hands of experienced artisans, seamstresses, and sewers.

Female founded

Narosib is created by women for women ( ofcourse everyone else is welcome to join us too!)

It’s mostly a one-woman show! Narosib is a small family owned business and I am not shy about it! But I am lucky to be able to work with some of the most wonderful freelancers who help me bring my vision to reality. I am proud to work with and learn from a diverse team of women from all over the world.

Sara NAROSIB founder _Swiss fashion accessories brand
 Picture by Natalie von Harscher