The story of Narosib

We live in a world where people travel more frequently than ever. Yet so few of us get to experience the authentic culture and traditions of other realms.

NAROSIB was started to emphasize the importance of cultural heritage and to shine a light on local traditions, art, food and crafts.
Naturally I started NAROSIB with where I came from, sharing some of the most beautiful decorative motifs and cultural symbols of my home region. I started using some of the techniques popular in decorative arts in the Middle East used in marbling, miniature, pottery/ceramic tiles, illumination, calligraphy, embroidery and weaving.

pink persian art scarf luxury silk  
luxury silk accessories were among the first pieces made by NAROSIB but we aim to diversify our range of products and get inspired by as many cultures and nations as possible.

We use ethical sustainable production methods and only natural products. We believe in slow and sustainable fashion and want our colourful pieces to be meaningful parts of your wardrobe for a long long time.

Learn more about Narosib's Corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy here

About Sara

Hi! I am Sara, the founder of Narosib. Thank you for stopping by!

I am an industrial engineer by trade but an art lover, bookworm and nomad at heart. I am a citizen of the world and can feel at home almost everywhere. My passion for prints, colours, patterns and the stories of the craftsmen (and women) who made them is the reason why I started NAROSIB. 



female entrepreneur Narosib ancient nomad persia silk scarf Zurich

I believe the world will be a more peaceful harmonious place when we get to know each other through the beauty of our history, art, literature, traditions, and crafts. NAROSIB is my way of celebrating the beauty of human art heritage we all share together. 

My ultimate mission is to empower female creatives, artists and makers in any possible way I can.


Why Silk scarves? 
I have always seen the scarf as that functional but elegant fashion accessory that adds more personality, spirit, and colour to plain business wear. I believe it’s our personal style and that signature piece that tells the world a little about our identity. 

A NAROSIB scarf makes the perfect signature element for any stylish woman who is curious to learn about the world in the most colourful way. 

Narosib’s collection of illustrated scarves and shawls consists of high-quality timeless luxuries sourced ethically and sustainably. 

All items are manufactured with high-quality natural materials such as silk, wool, cashmere and modal in northern Italy, a region famous for its heritage of fine-quality textile. 

The real value and beauty of the NAROSIB scarves lie not as much in the unique quality of the exclusive silk we bring from Como, but in their power to tell stories.



Narosib Swiss traditional papercut silk scarf werdenberg


The name Narosib means “Pomegranate and apple”. It originates from Persian poetry.

Pomegranate “Nar” ,and apple “Sib” are the two symbolic fruits repeatedly occurring in ancient middle eastern literature and architecture.

They symbolize passion and have been sources of inspiration for artists, poets, writers ,and architects through centuries.

NAROSIB swiss sustainable silk scarves

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