Iconic Print Scarves

Scarves are forgiving wearable items, no matter what size, shape or gender you are, they are great accessories to bring the best out of any outfit.Narosib’s first collection of illustrated silk scarves is inspired by the middle east’s rich art heritage and its local artisans.This colourful luxury collection takes you right to the middle of magical bazaars of Isfahan in ancient Persia.The intricate patterns are influenced by the ancient folk art of minakari enamelling which was originally used on metal plates and vases.
These vibrantly coloured timeless luxuries can be worn as statement pieces by  both men and women.They are timeless, elegant, bold and subtle at the same time,and can be carried around easily and effortlessly everywhere.
We only use natural biodegradable material such as silk, cotton, cotton, cashmere and wool that have a soft touch and feel on the skin.We use environmentally friendly solutions for our packaging. Narosib scarves are not mass produced and all designs are only available in limited editions, a tribute the the uniqueness of their exclusive club of wearers.
Designed in Switzerland, hand illustrated in India, made ethically and sustainably in Italy out of premium quality fabrics by artisans, inspired by the magic of the Middle East: that is how we define the modern silk road.