Contemporary Jewellery

Narosib was started with one mission: bringing art and culture from around the world to everyday lives. 
Diversity is at the heart of our brand and we love to bring people from different ages, genders and nationalities closer to each other. We believe that art and fashion are closely related and are great mediums for breaking the barriers between people.
Our first line of contemporary  jewellery for women is designed by a New York based manufacturing partner and made available in Europe for the first time by Narosib. 
Inspired by our partner’s Eastern European heritage and their collaboration with designers in Asia, this collection already brings many cultures closer to each other.
All pieces are hand finished using lead-free pewter and high 18K gold and silver for plating.
This collection celebrates individuality. Our muse is the unique sophisticated woman who is bold and subtle, simple and complex at the same time. She is inspired by art, nature and technology. She is brave and does not stop exploring. She knows she is not perfect but she appreciates what she has been given. She is constantly evolving to a better self. Is this like you or someone you love? Then we invite you to have a look at our collection and be part of our journey.