You don't need to be a designer to launch your own brand

January 28, 2021

You don't need to be a designer to launch your own brand

I was sorting out my digital clutter yesterday and I came across the first picture of the very first silk scarf I designed and produced ever in my life.
persian miniature silk scarves italian wool scarf art scarf
If you have been following our journey here or on the social media you know I am not a designer.I don't dare to call myself an artist. I don't even come from fashion industry. I actually come from an industry far far from anything art or fashion!
Most of my career was dedicated to purchasing oil and mechanical parts or moving them around the world( it's called supply chain management by the way)
Even now I sometimes wonder what got into me to take the plunge and finally start a business in an industry I had no experience in!
I always loved all things art and fashion but they were just guilty pleasures or hobbies.I was not an expert.
But I had that vision. I knew there is a specific product I would like to make one day and I thought I will just figure it out.
It has not been an easy ride, but I have learned so much on the way.
I thought I should write this note to everyone who has a dream but they think it's crazy.
Or they are not ready for it.
Or they are not an expert.
Or who they are to do it when there are so many wonderful people way better than them doing it.
Or that what others will think of me or judge me.
You know what these thoughts are called? Limiting beliefs , imposters , mindset blocks or as my favourite psychologist Gay Hendricks calls it the upper limit problem.
No matter how successful you get they keep haunting you , they will make you sabotage yourself , question your dreams and never do anything exciting in your life. They stop you from doing what you're great at.
If you are in an environment where everyone thinks your dream is crazy or illegitimate you might be in the wrong environment. Sometime people around us out of their love and care for us impose their limiting beliefs on us. They just want us to be safe and comfortable.

But guess what , great things don't happen in the comfort zone.

So if you are reading this and you have a dream which you are trying to forget or just set aside to get back to when you're ready then you may want to JUST DO IT BEFORE YOU'RE READY!
narosib golestan silk scarf
We live only once and we are not getting any younger. Life will not get easier.The timing will never be right.
I hope you go follow your crazy dreams.
To the wonderful customers and followers who kept purchasing NAROSIB's products and were at times patience with me. THANK YOU.
I am here because of you and I won't forget it.
Now , I have said it a million times everywhere. I want NAROSIB to help me support all makers, artisans, creatives or just visionaries in their mission. 
You don't need to figure everything out on your own, there is a process for everything and there are people who have done things before you.
If you learn to work with the right people, communicate your vision clearly and find like minded people who are so excited about what you then , voila you have a successful brand!
I am hoping to teach everyone the process I followed to create NAROSIB without having a fashion or design background. 

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If you are a female creative, artist ,maker, hobby crafter and  plan to launch a profitable product inspired by your art ,create new sources of revenue and blend your art with a successful business that fits in well with your life then join me in this program!

* You can also join if you have just started your art/business journey or you don't feel confident to call yourself an artist or designer but you have a vision!

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