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February 05, 2019

Narosib as seen in Etihad Airways

February is a special month for many, love is in the air and a special day named after Saint Valentine is marked in many calendars to celebrate love. Some take this day as an opportunity to express their devotion to a special person in their life, some see it as an opportunity to remind themselves of the significance of self-love and some can't bother less about it!

With our exclusive range of fashion accessories, we are more than excited to serve anyone who is looking for a unique Valentine's day gifts for their special someone but this is not all the news for February.

For the first time, Narosib was featured in the inflight magazine of Etihad Airways, Atlas. Two of our favourite scarves "Mina" and "Shiraz" were recommended by the magazine.

 If you are flying with Etihad these days, make sure to take a look at the lovely piece written by the Atlas team. If by any chance you are landing anywhere near Abu Dhabi, plan a visit to the branch of Louvre museum in the region and enjoy their extraordinary collection.

Narosib started with a passion for art and travel and getting to know the world, it’s planet and people and their culture through art. Seeing how far we can fly now makes us proud and excited. We are thankful for this opportunity that is bringing us closer to a like-minded group of potential friends, who knows, the world is so small!

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Vacation Notice



Any orders placed during this period will be shipped on October 1st

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