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March 04, 2020


The year starts two times for me: once on January 1st and once on March 21st or 20th on a leap year. I love sitting down and planning the year and writing my resolutions in the very last hours of the year and revise them in the very early hours.


Although like most of the world my life is planned according to the Georgian calendar, the cells in my body like to consider the first day of spring as the start of their new year.

For thousands of years my ancestors in Iran have celebrated Nowruz or the beginning of spring in the Northern Hemisphere to mark the start of a new year.


It hasn’t always been possible for me to take time off to celebrate it the way I like, it just simply didn’t fit into my work life routine and no one around me could grasp the celebratory significance of this day. I decided to ignore or suppress this wish for years and get on with my life according to the Georgian calendar but it didn’t work. It has been a few years that I make sure I take at least a half a day off without feeling guilty on the first day of spring, just to be in synch with my soul’s wish.  Start of spring is also a reminder for me to review my resolutions once again and see if I am still on track (To be honest, I am often not...!!) 


The other significance of March is the international women’s day and all the events around it. A reminder for me to acknowledge who I am as a woman and thank all the women before me who fought before me, who made it possible for me to have a voice and peruse the career I want and live my life on my own terms. It’s thanks to them that it’s all possible for me without a big sacrifice and I don’t take it for granted. Not that life is now easy for women and nothing is left to fight for.


Recently in a discussion with Pragati Sidhantti I was asked about specific advantages or disadvantages of being a woman business owner. It made me think of the long list of women I have had the chance to meet through different women networks. I would have been lost without them. Women can’t have it all (can man have it all by the way?)

there is always something to be compromised, but you can do much more with a great support network.


If you are interested in learning more about life in Switzerland from the point of view of an expat you should check Pragati’s blog My Swiss story for a unique point of view on the country. 

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