Travel-fy the contents of your handbag

January 04, 2019

Travel-fy the contents of your handbag - NAROSIB

Whether it be a weekend away to a little log cabin in the forest, a week-long shopping trip to Dubai or a 2-month holiday to the beaches of the Mediterranean, most people bring their handbags along. Our handbags store all of our essentials – phone, wallet, keys, make-up and more – but when we travel anywhere, it is important that we consider travel friendly accessories.

What to pack in a handbag when you fly


Our top picks:

  • Wireless, noise-cancelling headphones – always come in handy, especially when traveling on planes, trains and busses. Listen to your favourite podcast or album without being interrupted, or pop them on for some shut-eye! Noise-cancelling head phones change your listening experience and immerse you in the moment. The fact that they are wireless is also handy – no pesky cords.
  • Cord organiser – speaking of cords, how many of us have two or three different cords tangled in our handbags? A cord organiser keeps all cords knot-free, meaning no more untying cords from each other and searching for the right cable for all your different devices.
  • Re-usable drink bottle – stay hydrated at all times by carrying around your own drink bottle. Choose a medium size, light-weight bottle that fits well in your handbag, but will still give you between 500ml to 1 litre of water. There are many drink bottles on the market that keep your beverage either cold or hot, making it perfect for on-the-go.
  • A scarf – a good scarf is one of the best accessories you can have in your handbag. You can wear them with almost anything and wrap yourself up in them while sitting on an (ever-changing temperature) plane or even walking outside if the weather is cool. Narosib have a range of eco-friendly, exquisite scarves made from silk, cotton and wool. Inspired by ancient Persia, designed in Switzerland and made sustainably in Italy, Narosib scarves have ‘defined the modern silk road’.
  • Travel-size makeup kit – is a god-send for women. There is nothing more maddening than fishing around in your handbag to find your lipstick or mascara. A travel-size makeup kit includes all your favourites, but in a pocket size, fitting perfectly into your bag.
  • Hand sanitiser – traveling can sometimes leave you feeling a little un-fresh. Carrying around a good hand sanitiser can not only clean your hands and keep them germ-free, but also help you feel a little fresher.
  • Mini travel journal – one of the best things about traveling are the experiences and feelings you have along the way. Journaling can help you remember your trip better and can be very therapeutic. Find a journal that is big enough to write in, but small enough to carry in your handbag.
  • External phone charger – because what is more annoying than your phone running out of battery while traveling? A battery charger that doesn’t need plugging in is genius – just attach it to your phone and watch those battery juices rise!

By being ‘travel smart’ when it comes to your handbag, you can fit in everything you need, without weighing yourself down. After all, ‘happiness is a perfect handbag!’

By Rahima Saikal

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