The ultimate guide to the most unforgettable gifts!

November 30, 2020

The ultimate guide to the most unforgettable gifts for her!

The festive season is approaching and the question of “what gifts to get this Christmas” is on everyone’s mind. Actually, most of the orders we have received for scarves in the last few weeks, are going to be Christmas presents!

And I admire our customers for choosing something unique, luxury and high quality with a story like illustrated silk scarves from NAROSIB to give to their loved ones.It means so much to me personally.

Persian miniature wool scarf made in Italy- gift for her

2020 has been a strange year and probably this christmas is going to be a different one for many of us.

This year has made us question a lot of ordinary things in our lives and pay more attention to what is more essential.

Maybe you are spending Christmas on your own, maybe you have lost beloved family members and you don’t feel like being in a festive mood, or maybe you have loved your new calm relatively isolated life with less people around, or perhaps you can’t wait for Christmas to come but it seems impossible to celebrate safely the way used to.

Lucky you if you can’t identify with any of these ;-)

Most meaningful Christmas gifts for her


This year I have decided to give some real thought to the topic of gift giving. Shopping gifts is supposed be a nice thing to do, but it does create a lot of stress and tension: Have I got something nice and special for everyone? Have I exceeded my budget or have I been too cheap? Will everything be delivered on time? Have I missed anyone? What if they don’t like it? Oh this is too much, I am overwhelmed…

Have you been there?

So maybe we don’t need to go through the whole shopping marathon this year. I decided to ask from different professional women (Creatives, artists, self-employed or active in corporate) about the most unforgettable gifts they have ever received  to get some inspirations.


Disclaimer: unlike what I intended, this did not turn into a typical Christmas gift guide, but it may bring a small to your face.


When Tamzin Hall the founder of “the interview cheerleader” shared her story, I could not stop smiling:

“Pre-kids my husband and I used to tour Europe... we’d book a ferry (I’m in the uk!) and see where the roads took us. Whenever we arrived in Switzerland & Austria my first stop would be the mountains and to listen to the cowbells! There is nothing (to me!) more grounding than listening to the cowbells in the mountain air! I it.... just so relaxing. I would make my husband stop the car and sit in silence for ages whilst I listened to the cowbells. One day on our honeymoon, after walking in the mountains for hours and hours trying to find as many cows as possible we found a lovely cafe in an Austrian village. I plonked myself down and ordered the most amazing cake and coffee!!! Stay here, my husband said! I’m not moving for hours was my response - my feet hurt!!! 10 min later I heard a bell ringing - my husband came into sight swinging a cowbell!!!! He had found me the most amazing cowbell - the size of the real ones!!!!!!!! Best gift ever and so memorable.... more memorable than the diamonds, cars, jewellery he has given me!!!!!! Although if he reads this equally appreciated !”


Swiss art cowbell Ballenberg Museum

Now every time I see a cowbell, and I see a lot of them living in the Swiss Alps, I will definitely think of Tamzin!

The story from Penelope Marshall Silver , the founder of Penelope Silver UK  is another good one :

“My ex bought me the title of “Lady” plus 1sq m of land to go with it. For Valentine’s Day one year.

I am now officially Lady Penelope, it was so much more fun than perfume of flowers.He scored 100% for that effort “

I bet you didn’t think of a gift like this? 

My friend Esha Sadr who is an Interdisciplinary artist based in Washington DC, thinks the gift of healing from an injury was the most unforgettable gift she has ever received.

Esha Sadr artist


“The best gift I have ever received is not a physical item: They were my legs when I couldn’t feel them for a few days. Right after an active year of collaboration with the Gousan art group when I was working on an Interdisciplinary cultural project and travelling around the world a tumor in my spine confined me to bed. I could not move.

But an amazing surgeon not only brought me back on my feet but also made it possible for me to continue touring and performing for my project for half a year.

For a performer nothing is more important than her/his body. I literally got my working tools back and I owe this to the medical team and the wonderful surgeon who gave me this gift.”


So, what was the most unforgettable gift you have ever received?



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