The birth of NAROSIB

May 28, 2020

Werdenberg swiss alpine art silk scarf


It all started from childhood memories...

I keep talking about this everywhere, so if you are tired of hearing, feel free to skip ;-) but if it’s the first time you come across Narosib and want to hear a story about starting


It’s a warm summer afternoon in Rasht, the City of Rain. The streets are busy with people who often come to the local bazaar to shop, do business or just chat with friends under the shadows of the mulberry trees. The seven-year-old old me is trying to catch up with my mother, who is moving hurriedly while holding my three-year-old cousin in her arms. My five-year-old sister is with us too. I can smell the exotic mix of spices and fresh produce filling the air while listening to the shopkeepers' bargaining with their customers. There are vendors grilling corn, selling beautiful ceramics, and shiny gems.

On the other side of the street, kids are cooling their bare feet in a small water fountain.


I am mesmerized by the vivid atmosphere and the energy of the place. This picture will stay with me for a long time. The truth is, today we are here on a mission…


 Seems my mother has decided to teach me a lesson about business and financial independence. She has brought me here to sell almost 10kg of cocoons, my cocoons, that I looked after for almost a whole summer in the basement of our house.

The story began a while ago when my father took me and my younger sister to visit a silk-making factory.

I was captivated by the whole process of silk making from picking the mulberry leaves given to the silkworms to the final fabric. Later that same summer, a relative who owned a silk farm gave me and my sister a couple of cute mulberry silkworms to keep as pets. I kept feeding them the best mulberry leaves I could find in the neighborhood and observed in complete awe the transformation of silkworms into moths.

My sister and I ended up having a few generations of silkworms and hundreds of cocoons in our basement. Eventually, the situation with the ever-extending silkworm family got out of control. And this is how we ended up here that afternoon.


 As it turns out, not all my cocoons are up to the industry standards. Apparently, I’ve been doing organic farming without even knowing, so some of my cocoons were damaged. However, there were enough good ones and the shopkeeper agreed to buy them. This is how I earned my very first income ever.

Starting Narosib in 2018 brought back a lot of these memories. I remembered my mother and grandmother inspecting and arguing with vendors about the quality of the fabrics they were buying. That would later make me one of the fussiest customers as well.

 Only years later I learned that Rasht, the city where I grew up, used to be a major silk trade center with numerous textile workshops.


 Despite my fascination with silk, fabrics, art, and literature I became an industrial engineer and worked for many years in a company that made machines for the construction industry. However, with time living abroad my nostalgia soared and I started remembering my roots and my upbringing. I couldn’t resist the calling anymore and started Narosib. Never underestimate your childhood memories!

with love,

Female founder , female entrepreneur

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