The new normal, essentialism and the new digital stationery collection

September 25, 2020 1 Comment

Fully hyperlinked digital planners elegant designs

Finally, a blog after ages!

Why is it coming so late? Because a whole new line of products was coming to life.  

When I started NAROSIB I became more conscious of my impact on the planet. I learned how our innocent but indulgent urban lives has serious impact on the planet. I decided to make some changes to my own life and business. I came up with these principles for myself:

  • Never buy anything that is made out of polyester. This will limit all the cheap purchases and makes shopping at Zara and Mango and many other affordable but trendy high street brands nearly impossible. NAROSIB shall never make anything with polyester as well. Polyester threads used in our clothing end up in water systems as microplastics. How microplastics are impacting lives on earth is topic for a whole another blog.
  • Recycle as much as you can
  • Reduce consumption, reduce waste, Buy less and buy vintage if you can. Only buy what you really need and: No impulse shopping because of the delicious 50% off unless the item has been in your Wishlist for a while.Extreme minimalism is nearly impossible to implement but we can do our best to cut down on unnecessary items.
  • Buy from ethical brands who make the effort to produce more consciously and limit the purchases from large corporations who just greenwash.
  • Invest in educating yourself about sustainable life and being a conscious buyer

sustainable fashion ethical brand 

I was slowly getting used to all these when the pandemic started in the early months of 2020. Suddenly the world was a different place. With a virus that was being spread exponentially, one’s impact on others' lives was more significant than ever, and what was essential was a question that was being asked more than ever.

Is art essential? Is chocolate essential? Is fashion essential? is a spa needed? Is visiting the hairdresser, the beautician, the seamstress necessary? Is beauty essential? Is a wedding celebration essential? is my trip to supermarket necessary or I should try to grow plants indoor? and finally does the world need my products?

 zero waste lifestyle

Maybe I over thought thinks (as I often do) but I knew I could not continue to do business as usual as before. It didn’t take long until I was forced to change things. It was no longer about what I wanted or liked, it was about what was possible and how to survive. 

On March 19th I posted those last orders to USA and Canada. On the same night the postal services from Switzerland to Canada, USA and Australia nearly stopped. Only essential services could be performed.

Even sending goods to nearby countries became complicated. The silk factories in north of Italy had to close down as the region was heavily affected by Covid19. I could not make new scarves and I could not send orders.

 silk scarves and planners productivity for stylish woman

It felt like the universe was doing everything to tell me to pause and change.So I listened.

* * *

Being a passionate lover of all things pen, paper and stationary I could never imagine myself using a stylus pen and writing on a tablet, but the idea of having all my notes and plans accessible cross devices and not needing to carry my 2.5 kg thick planner everywhere with me was tempting. I had already stopped carrying paper books and Kindle was my best friend but I didn’t have a solution yet for my growing notes and journals.

I eventually converted to digital planning, journaling and note-taking and never looked back.

Since the beginning of NAROSIB I have been thinking of including books and planners as part of the product range but was never got around creating them.

I have always been obsessed with planning, productivity and self-improvement and now after months of soul-searching it was time to share my gift with the world. So, I started making digital planners.


Persimmon hyperlinked dated 2021 digital planner  

Finally there was a product idea that could embrace the spirit of NAROSIB designs and inspiration and was much closer to my heart than anything else, because I knew how it could help someone reach their goals, live better lives and have their lives under control. That is how the digital collection came to life so quickly.

NAROSIB’s planners were going to be digital: This was the only way I could guaranty 0 impact on the planet. No trees were going to be cut and all those sustainable principals were going to be followed.

This time I did business differently. I didn’t not do marketing research, I didn’t send questionnaires and I didn’t ask anyone. I just followed my heart and went with what felt right. Everything I did was against what I had learned in school but it made sense.

 green zero waste life with style -why digital planning  is green

Digital planning is a foreign concept to many. Some don’t know anything about it, some know but can’t imagine themselves trying it and the ones who have tried it and loved it can never get enough of it: Digital planning is addictive!

The world of digital note-taking is a whole new universe to explore. For this reason, I am planning to create a webinar about digital planning and how it brings productivity,sustainability and style under one roof. If this is something that interest you then stay tuned and sign up to NAROSIB’s mailing list to get informed (Bonus: you will get 20% off your first order!)



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