Suffering from new year blues? Feeling anxious about getting back to work? then Read this 

January 12, 2021

Suffering from new year blues? Feeling anxious about getting back to work?  then Read this 

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It’s been 12 days since we have started the new year. Second week of January is usually the time that most people come over their post-Christmas blues and convince themselves to get into the working mood. Long time ago when I was working in a job which I didn’t like I dreaded this time of the year. I even started to be miserable when I was on my (always less than 10 days) vacations because I knew what was awaiting me back in the office.


My purpose in life and my daily job were not really aligned those days. I was lost and I didn’t even know. I didn’t even want to know because I was not ready to leave my not so much fun but safe comfort zone.


I would suffer over 8 hours a day and find some short-term solution to switch off over the weekend and then switch on to run on auto pilot from Monday to Friday. I didn’t know I had a way out.


Why am I telling you this?


Because I know some of you may feel like this these days, life at times may look like a miserable prison, a gilded cage or a dead- end despite all the great education, skills and experiences you have behind you.


Now that I have my miserable days behind me (not that my life is any easier or has less challenges) I see how my first couple of weeks of the new year are so different. I am actually excited and energized. It’s because I have finally found myself a job that truly inspires me, is close to my nature and personality and most importantly keeps me in touch with the most wonderful people in the world.


I am grateful that some of my customers are my good friends now. People who inspired me and taught me things. People who kept me going.


So, to you my friend, if you are feeling low on the first couple of weeks of January, or every Monday or every day after a long vacation, I want to remind you that your feelings are valid.

This “feeling low on Monday and feeling anxious on Sunday nights” is a real thing and there is a way out for you.

Just keep working on getting to know yourself better and the right way will show up. Once you feel you know your body, your soul and your purpose in life and you feel aligned with what you do you will have less of these blue days. 

There will always be bad days , our negative feelings and our fears are there to protect us , we can't shut them down all the time but we can learn when to listen to them and when not. 


If you are excited about setting yourself new targets and feel excited by having your life under control then have a look at NAROSIB’s digital life planners!

My first step towards finding myself again and feeling at home in my body and soul started with journaling and planning my days , so it may work for you too!


Take care! 

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