Shiraz, a fashion inspiration

December 18, 2018

Shiraz Pink mosque

Known for its sophisticated culture filled with poetry, literature, flowers and fashion, the Iranian city of Shiraz is colourful, filled with lush gardens and ripe fruit trees. Women walking down the street are draped in gorgeous scarves made out of wools and silks and the colours and patterns are mesmerising.

Situated in the centre of Fars province and located in Zagros mountain region, Shiraz is known as one of the most beautiful cities in Iran. Persian fashion holds a place in the international fashion world, with a deep history of stylish scarves and hijabs. Inspiration is on every corner and street in Shiraz, with its bold and bright colours.

For instance, the Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque, also known as the ‘Pink Mosque’ by tourists is a perfect example of inspiration. Built in 1876 during the Qajar dynasty, the mosque is decorated with pink tiles, hence where it got its name from. But the jaw-dropping beauty lies in the winter prayer hall, where different coloured stained-glass windows shoot light into each other like a dazzling kaleidoscope.

Not only home to the ‘Pink Mosque’, the ‘Pink Lake’, also known as Maharloo Lake is located in Shiraz. This salt lake is a beautiful pink colour due to the high level of pink-coloured algae. This lake, changing colour throughout the year, is a sight to see and is a true inspiration when it comes to the fashion scene in Iran.

The Eram Garden, one of the most beautiful Persian gardens in the country is also located in Shiraz, along the northern shore of the Khoshk River. The gardens were originally built during the Seljuk Dynasty between the 11thand 14thcenturies and have been restored along the way. The gardens bloom with different coloured flowers, aromatic myrtles and soaring cypress trees. Many designs and colours for Persian scarves and accessories are based upon these gardens.

Eram Garden in Shiraz

A traditional handicraft in Shiraz are gabbeh carpets. These gorgeous Persian carpets are hand-woven pile rugs made out of hand-spun wool yarn and are designed using bright colours, like yellows and reds and geometric patterns. Interestingly, the colours are made from natural plant dye.

Another fashion inspirational Shiraz handicraft is khatamkari – an art in which a surface, such as wood or metal is decorated with pieces of wood, bone, gold, silver or brass and arranged in various shapes and designs. Colours that are often used are ebony, teak, orange and pink.

Narosib has also been inspired by the city of Shiraz. Their ‘Shirazscarf is covered in miniature painted handicrafts and made out of wool, which is perfect for autumn and winter. Narosib offer products that cannot be found anywhere else and besides being unique, they are also produced ecologically and ethically through carefully selected sources.

By Rahima Saikal

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