How to clean your silk scarf?

July 10, 2019 1 Comment

How to wash a silk scarf at home and avoid dry cleaning

While the common advice for cleaning printed silk scarves is to dry clean, it does not mean that it is the only method possible. Let’s be honest: dry cleaning is not good for the planet. The liquid solvents and chemicals used in dry cleaning are actually hazardous for the environment. Silk is a very sensitive garment and frequent dry cleaning can actually damage it.

If you still need to send your silk scarves to your trusted dry cleaner make sure that they don’t pin the id tag to the actual garment (they may consider using the care label instated) otherwise you end up with a hole in your silk scarf.


You can actually hand wash your silk scarves at home for less than 15 minutes.Here is how:


Bio detergents contain enzymes that are effective in removing common stains by breaking down proteins – So never use biologic detergents on silk (and wool) garments as they are made out of protein.

Also, never use washing up liquid (dishwashing liquid) and common laundry detergents.

It’s best to use a professional product specially formulated for silk wash, best but if you don’t have access to them ,you may also use a gentle shampoo such as baby shampoo. However, the baby shampoo may not be as effective in removing stains.


Do not machine wash a printed silk scarf (even on the silk program!)


If there are any stains on the scarf you would need to treat them before starting the actual washing process:


Place the scarf on a dry white towel, mix a tablespoon of silk wash with 3 tablespoons of water, dip a clean white cloth in the solution and dab the stain with it. Do not rub the stain.


This method may or may not work depending on the age and nature of the spot. Fresh oil-based spots (such as makeup marks) may go away with this method however an old ink, food or wine spot may need to be treated professionally.


Quickly after you have treated the stain, Fill a clean sink halfway with cool or lukewarm water, add the silk wash ( or shampoo!). Never leave the scarves soaking in water for long, anything more than 5 minutes is long! some of the dyes used in printing patterns can get resolved in water.

Genteelly rub the silk scarf in the solution or just swirl the scarf in the basin. you can then rinse the scarf with cool water.

Let the scarf drip dry or if you are in a rush live the scarf on a clean dry towel that can absorb the extra water. Hang the scarf on a rack. It won’t need long to dry!


To iron:

It’s best to use the iron’s silk setting. high temperature can damage the silk. We recommend pressing a cotton cloth over the silk so that the silk does not come in contact with direct heat. 

Many prefer to leave the hems around, so do not iron directly on the hems.


Voila, you have a fresh clean scarf in front of you. 


By caring for your garments and keeping them in good condition you may not need to shop as often. It is both good for your pocket and the planet.



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