How to be you in a uniform

January 24, 2019

How to be you in a uniform - NAROSIB

We can express a lot about who we are through what we wear. Each style is unique and can reflect a person’s quirks, nuances and outlook on life. This is the beauty of fashion. For example, actors in a play usually turn up to set to rehearse in clothes that make them feel more in character. This is no different in real-life – we dress according to how we feel and who we are.

 How to be your unique you in a uniform , cloths on a rack

How to express your style:

  • Have a major clean-out – go through your closet and get organised. Donate anything that you haven’t really worn, don’t wear and won’t wear. By the time you are done, you will be left with pieces that are ‘you’.
  • Follow inspiration – perhaps you have a celebrity or style icon in mind whose fashion style you admire. If this is the case, take a close look at their style elements and think about how you can replicate aspects of their looks into your closet.
  • Accessorise! – you can change the style of any outfit with the right accessories. Team your jeans and heels with a pretty neck scarf for a chicer look or don your ears in ear cuffs or statement jewellery to give your whole look more edge.
  • Ask for help – sometimes you need some professional help or even just advice from a friend and that’s okay! A bit of female fashion advice never goes stray if you are looking for styles that suit you and your body type and personality.

 Formal wear and colourful socks

How to express your style with uniforms and formal wear:

  • Jazz up the neckwear – for men, it is easy to add your own style into a suit or uniform by searching for neckwear that you love. Are you a loud person? Look for bold, colourful ties and bowties with crazy prints. If you are demurer, then perhaps pastel colours with silks and softer patterns are more your thing.
  • Time-pieces – if you are restricted with what you can wear, watches can help your style to shine through. Sleek, chic or loud, watches are a great way to express your style.
  • Footwear – socks are all the rage these days! With brands such as Happy Socks, they have recreated the sock industry. Gone are the days of boring, dark colours and in are the days of bold, bright and wild patterns!


How to express your style on a budget:

  • Wait for sales – if you have seen a piece you are in love with, wait until it goes on sale, because it always will.
  • Vintage style – if your personal style permits it, scour vintage and second-hand stores. You can find quirky and statement pieces for a fraction of the price compared to in brand stores.
  • Set a monthly budget – it always helps your wallet, as well as your closet if you set yourself a budget and stick to it. This helps you find pieces you love, that represent who you are and making an effort to save and purchase them, instead of buying lots of little things that could muddle your unique style.
  • Ditch the brands – just because a jacket or dress is a hot and expensive designer doesn’t equal ‘you’. Your style should not be restricted to wearing only brands – your wallet will also thank you.


How to express your style through accessories:

  • Statement jewellery – one big piece or bright piece of jewellery can change an entire outfit. Various jewellery pieces can suit any type of style – loud, chic, minimalist, retro, indie – you can always find something that represents you.
  • Scarves are a girl’s best friend – neck scarves, hair scarves and big warm, woolly scarves, light and colourful scarves. A scarf helps layer any outfit. Narosib have a collection of gorgeous silk, illustrated scarves that brighten any outfit and add a touch of sophistication.
  • Headwear – hats, headbands, hair accessories – headwear can make an outfit pop. Headwear for women is especially good for women who wear a uniform, as you can transform your look and feel with a dark green, velvet headband or a fluffy, bold scrunchie.

 Hat shop . Express yourself through fashion

How to express your style by dressing to your body shape:

  • Comfort – make sure whatever you are wearing feels comfortable. If you are wearing something that doesn’t fit you properly, you are not likely to shine. Confidence is key.
  • Hourglass curves – embrace your gorgeous curves! Crop tops, belted jackets and pencil skirts are a ‘go-to’ for women with an hourglass figure.
  • Apple figure – flowy tops, high-waisted circle skirts and shift dresses are apple-shaped women’s best friends.
  • Pear figure – structured jackets, A-line skirts and boot-cut pants all look fabulous on women with a pear figure.
  • Rectangle figure – ruffled and layered tops, A-line skirts and singlets all suit women with a rectangle shape as everything is quite straight forward.

Remember, your style is unique to you and no one can take that away from you. If you want to rock flared, wide-legged pants with a sequin top or a leather bomber jacket with a pencil skirt – go for it!

By Rahima Saikal

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