Free Webinar : An Introduction to Digital note-taking

November 03, 2020

Free Webinar : an introduction to digital planning

I am finally showing my face on video for more than 5 minutes which is a record for me ;-)

Since I have started creating digital planners and making them available to sell on NAROSIB, so many who were not familiar with the concept have been asking me what exactly are we doing here. What is a digital planner and why would one use them. That is why I have created this short webinar that hopefully covers all the questions around digital planners.


Once you sign up you will be directed to a prerecorded video that is 25 min long and explains about digital note-taking, digital stationary, Productivity and sustainability. You can watch it whenever and from wherever you like .

So ,sign up here and get your special discount in your mailbox ;-)

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