Do you need permission to call yourself creative?

February 10, 2021 1 Comment

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I just did something crazy. I launched a course! I am so excited about (and scared of!) it.

Up until a few weeks ago I had no idea this course (or any course) was inside me and I have something to teach to the world.

It’s no secret that I come from an engineering and business background. I have not yet accepted myself as a real artist or designer. Even after launching a brand and having wonderful happy customers around the world I still struggle to call myself a designer.


But the reality is, I designed something and there are some lovely sophisticated people who buy them (I have to pinch myself while writing this). The products I designed have been featured in a number of luxury magazines. NAROSIB has never experienced one returned or refunded order. So, whatever I designed may not be perfect, but it’s probably great enough for many!


It feels like I have been waiting for some form of permission to call myself a designer. It’d an identity I still haven’t got used to. I am probably still dreaming of becoming a designer when I grow up.

I still look confused when people call me designer or artist in business meetings or webinars or when I am invited somewhere to give a talk.


Isn’t so that we make up our minds about ourselves at some point in our lives and keep sticking to it? I studies engineering in university. It was a great university and I graduated with good marks. I felt comfortable recognising myself as an engineering because someone has given me the permission to call myself that.

When it comes to fields like medicine, law, engineering or similar, it’s understandable to have some form of permission to be able to serve the world.


But do we really need permission for everything in life? Do you need a permission to be creative? To call yourself an artist? To just express yourself the way you want? To be who you are?


Where does this whole concept of asking for permission come from? It’s childhood I guess. When I was young were constantly reminded of asking for permission from the adults in our lives before leaving the house, before touching things, before saying things.


“Good kids don’t do things without asking for permission” how many times I have heard this from a teacher? Parent? Grandparent? Carer?  Asking for permission is safe. It makes your life easy. A good kid’s life is easy and comfortable and guess what: nothing great happens in the comfort zone.


So finally, I have learned it: I have launched a course about launching profitable artistic products (exactly what I have been doing in the last couple of years!).

 I have not asked for permission, I am sure even if I am the worst teacher in the world I have a story to tell to everyone who joins, I can at least show them what I did ,I can at least talk about the mistakes I made with the hope that they don’t waste their precious time and money on useless things I ignorantly did in the beginning of my journey. And I am there to give them my best, as little as it can be in someone’s eye.

So, if you are a creative with a vision, or just have that vision but not sure what to call yourself but then you have this dream that there is a product that you want to bring to this world then check my course.

It is not for everyone and there is an application process just to make sure it’s the right thing for everyone who joins. It’s free for a limited time.

business course for female creatives and artists

Check it out and join before February 21st 2021 if what I just said resonates with you!



See you on the other side ;-)



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February 20, 2021

What an insightful post! You go girl – hope to see you in course next week

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