A note on the C-Word, and by that I mean the Current situation ;-)

March 23, 2020

Nowruz in quarantine-shop silk scarves Switzerland

I confess that it has been difficult to concentrate and work as usual since the corona virus has hit us. Working from home EVERY SINGLE DAY, checking on family members and friends in Iran, Italy and China on daily basis, checking the local news almost every couple of hours and following a strict routine of washing hands and disinfecting anything that comes from the outside world and of course, not being able to travel strangely have become part of my lifestyle.

Coronavirus has changed our lives, our relationships and behaviours.


The world is suddenly going through something big. A common pain and mutual fear have suddenly reminded us that we are all humans and not meant to be here forever, and those little beautiful things in life should not be taken for granted.


I have grumbled my share about not being able to see my family and friends or have fun or go to events or gatherings, having too much or too little to do at times, fearing for the future of Narosib as a business like almost every other small business owner.

It all sounds pointless and even selfish when I think of the lives of the medical staff, people who have lost loved ones and the actual danger of the virus for our lives.


In Switzerland it’s only from the beginning of last week that schools got closed, events got banned and travel got very limited. I am getting used to seeing my friends, family and work contacts through the screen of my phone or desktop, the eventual scream of a child or a visit from the pet, the mess in the background and eventual disconnection of the internet seems so normal. Everything is suddenly so casual. I think we all know something more important is happening while we get on with our conversations.


We find joy in toilet paper jokes, most of us have suddenly learned to get closer to ourselves and look within our souls for a source of resilience. It’s not the first time this planet and its people are going through a crisis and for sure this one will be over too at some point.


I have found joy in celebrating Nowruz a few days ago, a festive tradition my ancestors celebrated for over 2000 years. For sure there have been worse days in history but this ancient celebration that has survived so long reminds of the power of hope and resilience.


Maybe everything that we fear happens, maybe our whole world falls apart but something that I never lose fate in is the power of our minds as human beings and how we can heal ourselves, we just need to figure out how just like our ancestors did!



* By the time I wrote this note, the Swiss postal services still accept to ship our orders and I am happy to receive them. The scarves are stored safely with me in Switzerland and I carefully follow the health and safety guidelines to pack and ship every order. The little factories in Italy who make the silk scarves in Italy are closed so I am not able to produce new lines which I am so excited about. So, if you like to order any of the available items listed on the site you can proceed as usual!


I will keep you posted if anything changes! stay home, stay safe and enjoy the quality time with yourself or your family!

Stay home, stay healthy!

Best wishes


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