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Business coaching for successful artists

"The Beloved is at home"- Rumi

During the pandemic in 2020, I was being approached more and more by people who wanted to launch their own businesses, they specifically wanted to create something similar to what I have done in Narosib : bringing their artistic inspirations into products they can create and sell.

In the beginning it was just simple DMs on Instagram, then emails, I wanted to help and I tried to give tips here and there.

At first, I didn’t take it so seriously, but then slowly it made me think, maybe I should offer some form of consultancy service? But then how can I make sure I can be great at it. The more people I was talking to the more it was becoming clear to me that I need to educate myself in reading in between the lines and understanding the real challenge behind their seemingly simple questions. I was having fun with it,so I started to educate myself by taking courses related to business coaching. 

For a few months I didn’t have a real package of services to offer. Let’s be honest many of the people who approached me were looking for free advice. No offence as I understand how tough it has been during the pandemic, but I knew well I can’t continue like this myself either. I was not doing anyone any service by undervaluing my time and giving them random advice.

We all know, there is free information everywhere on internet, there are books summarising the work of most expensive coaches in the worlds and you can get them on Amazon for less than $ 10.
They are good to read, but to this day I have yet not met a successful business owner who has only thrived on books and information.

Because it’s not only about the information and strategies. 

Business course for Artists

It’s about taking action and for that you need the right mindset. You also don’t need to know everything! Sometimes you only need to know the next step and no more.
In a world full of information and the media being mostly in the hands of super successful people you hear less about making the first $10k, you mostly hear stories about how to make $100k, 6 figure or 7 figure incomes, etc and IT’S NOT ALWAYS HELPFUL!

Sometimes people just need to know how to make that first sale, or 10th sales or solve that specific problem for their business. It’s a small milestone, but you get nowhere without having achieved that. You can have big dreams but you need realistic expectations for the stage you are at.

In the last months of winter 2020 I started to talk even more to small business owners, mostly female creatives. I noticed I actually enjoy helping people and my advice seems to work. Still didn’t want to call myself a coach. A wonderful friend of mine convinced me that I am a coach and I should do something about it.  

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A business course for ambitious artists 

You are an artist who means business? then you should join our course

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I signed myself up to the best group coaching program I could think of, run by a woman I had admired for years and yes it wasn’t cheap but I also know the value of great coaching and mentoring.

I was encouraged (or let’s say pushed!) to gather information and interview as many people as possible to find out about real needs of small business owners. To my surprise people who responded to my surveys and questions were all artists and creatives. They wanted to do business, they wanted to create profitable products and they wanted to sell!

I was flooded by feedback from illustrators, painters, ceramic artists, photographers, performance artists, textile artists, crochet makers and knitters who wanted more and knew they deserved it!

This was a signal from the universe. My surveys and questionnaires in the beginning said nothing about art and creativity, it was just about small business owners. But 80% of the answers I received were from my favourite tribe, ambitious female artists and creatives! 

Was it because they checked my website and saw what I do with NAROSIB? Could it be the case that a kind artist shared it among their community? I don’t know.

I was amazed! I had to create something for these people and I did not have much time to think. Being an online store owner, I don’t have all the time in the world, my days are already crazy, so the only option was to create something that was easy and obvious to me, something I had done before and could easily talk 4 hours about and didn’t need to research or learn anything about.

I was going to teach artists how to design and create a product from scratch and scale their business. I came up with a plan with what to teach in the program.

Coaching for artistic businesses

Not all artists and creatives buy into the starving artists mentality, many are ambitious and know their worth already, they want to grow a business and they have the ambition for it. They just need the right business tools and skills that are aligned with their artist spirit.

So, I decided to teach them about everything I did to create and grow NAROSIB, make products and launch them, the steps I took which worked or didn’t work. The mistakes I made and the great things that changed the course of business.

I am writing this post as the second week of the course is approaching its end. I have learned so much about the business challenges of the artists and I had to make lots of adjustments on my initial course plan. I also had to go through my old journals and review my own life since 2017 when I drastically changed the direction of my career. Even though it looks like a course I offer for others I am the person who is learning most!

The application for this course is already closed but you can sign up and go on the waiting list to get informed about its future improved updated version! You will then be informed about the next launch date. 

Business coaching for ambitious artists

If you can’t wait and need a quick solution now you can of course book me for a private consultation session. I have a few spots available!

I was scared when I started this journey and now I am happy I ignored those fears. This has been the most rewarding experience since I have become self-employed. I even ask myself why didn’t I do this earlier? This is my zone of genius and I didn’t even know about it.
The people in the course are wonderful and their questions and feedback pushes me to learn more.

I had finally found my tribe and felt at home.

My story reminded me of this poem from Rumi: “The beloved is at home and we are searching the globe for love, the water is in the vase and we are wandering thirsty.”

These people were in front of me all the time and I could not see them. The course was in me all these years and I could not feel it. I just had to look deep inside to see what was already around me. I searched everywhere and I found my beloved at home.

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Business Coaching packages for creatives and artists

Business Coaching packages for creatives and artists

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