How to wear scarves according to instagram - Part 4

October 10, 2019 2 Comments

How to wear scarves as belts

Turn your scarf into a belt

My favorite brand Sandro’s Belted Satin mini dress puts a French seal of approval on the scarf belt. It’s now official: we can use a colourful scarf -turned-into- belt to transform the little black dress into something cool.

Sandro scarf belt dress scarf belt dress how to wear a scarf

By the way the dress is on sale here!


how to wear scarves - scarf belt

 @zaratesiman matching her scarf-belt with her red little cute handbag!


how to wear scarves - scarf belt




how to wear scarves - scarf belthow to wear scarves - scarf belt

how to wear scarves - scarf belt

More inspirations from @justiinspire



how to wear scarves - scarf belt

@Mayemusk, Model and Writer of “A Woman Makes a Plan” wearing the scarf belt on a balzer



how to wear scarves - scarf belt



Now go make your belts , see you soon in the next episode!


Have you missed the previous parts of the guide ? find them here :

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Online Ladies Leggings Tights Uk

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