How to wear scarves according to instagram - Part 2

October 08, 2019

How to turn your scarf into foot accessory

Turn your scarf into foot accessory

The iconic Christian Louboutin has even made shoes inspired by scarves. To add a fun bohemian touch to your outfit, give this look a try. It works specially well with extra small size scarves, pocket squares or twillies which may not work well as neck scarves. You can wrap them around your ankle, use them as shoelaces or combine them with your sandals!

how to wear a scarf

Christian Louboutin Tres Frais Patterned Red Sole Sandal


Ankle accessories are great for drawing attention to statement shoes, so if you have a pair you want to “shoe off” then grab your scarf make your own DIY ankle straps!

how to accessorise shoes with scarves



Narosib printed silk scarves and heels



an instagram guide to scarf_ scarves as ankle straps


an instagram guide to scarf_ scarves as ankle straps


an instagram guide to scarf_ scarves as ankle straps


an instagram guide to scarf_ scarves as ankle straps 


These were a few quirky ways of wearing your scarves next to your favorite shoes ;-) stay tuned for the next episodes!


Have you missed the previous part of the guide ? find it here :

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