A note on Black Friday +Updates on our Christmas pop-up events

November 27, 2019 2 Comments

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How to be a savvy sustainable shopper in the age of consumerism?

I have been thinking a lot about Black Friday, shall we do it? shall we not? Do we need to?

At the end it is an American tradition that is still new in our neck of the wood. I even asked our little crowd of followers on Instagram and 77% said they did not like Black Friday.

December is a busy month for both Narosib and me, so many “first time “ activities, lots of changes and improvements to the business and preparing for our first pop-up events during the pre-Christmas period AND continuing the business as usual at the same time and I am wondering, wouldn't Black Friday sales for Narosib just add to my every day stress?I still don't want to deny our fans the joy.

But anyways, now that so many businesses have started their Black Friday sales I would love to share my own thoughts on pre-Christmas shopping. 

- Do I really need it? Is it really worth the saving?

No discount is worth it if you are buying what you don’t need. I am talking about that tight Balmain blazer that does not fit your form and is available on Outnet with 40% off and you plan to wear it after you lost the next 15 lb (I love Outnet though, It’s great for shopping what you ACTUALLY NEED).

So get off the chair and take a look at your closet before shopping any cloth.

If you are buying cloths or accessories for yourself, think first where you are going to wear them and how you are going to style them. Does the colour match everything else you need or you are going to end up buying a whole lot of other items just to go with your purchase? Know your style and follow a specific colour pallet to live your days with the least number of clothing possible. To learn more about capsule wardrobes see here .

- Only buy high quality items that you can keep for many years. Set a policy for yourself. My policy for shopping cloths is “No Polyester” because polyester releases plastic microfibers during the washing process and plastic never disappears in the nature. Innocent animals in the oceans are already paying the price of human greed and so many humans are suffering from strange illnesses caused by contaminations in the nature. Let’s not be part of it.

I also follow the “No Polyester” in Narosib and we don’t create anything that is NOT made out of natural fabrics. If you own items that are made out of polyester (possibly from that self-indulging session at ZARA) use them as long as you can and return them to recycling centres when their lives have reached their ends.

- Plan your items ahead in the year and subscribe to the mailing lists of the businesses that offer the item or service you want. This way you can get informed of any special private sales or discounts offered. Some sales events are only shared with loyal followers and subscribers to the mailing lists.


What I consider to purchase around Black Friday?

  • Online courses and educational packages: I have benefited a lot from platforms such as skillshare , Masterclass and Udemy and always keep an eye on these platforms around the Black Friday.
  • eBooks and Audiobooks: I have a Wishlist of my favourite ones and I can’t live without my books. I make sure I read everything I buy
  • My favourite planners: I am obsessed with them and I have been trying different products .I used to keep an eye if there are any discounts available for my favourite ones. This however is not going to happen this year as I have already ordered my new favourite planner from Carrie and Co way earlier in October ;-) good old paper notebook style planner for an old-fashioned geek like me.
  • Practical software and applications I always need and use regularly for my work.I would need them anyway , why not have them cheaper?
  • Luxury investments accessories (only If I am 100% sure I need them) , these items are expensive and worth the saving . I also keep an eye on preloved vintage items available on trustworthy platforms such as Vestiaire collective.
  • Christmas gifts from small independent businesses, preferably local businesses. This way I know I have purchased something unique. Having owned a business myself, I know how every purchase counts and means for independent brands. Again, I buy what I need or what I plan to gift. No need to mention that most of my gifts are Narosib products that I know my friends and family love ;-)

     How I do it?

    - It’s so easy to spend hours searching for discounts and get lost in deals from one website to another. As cool and indulging as it sounds to my naughty brain I know I am way too busy to do that. It will eventually cost me my sleep or quality time with my family or productive time for my business. So, my rule is to make sure I have dedicated no more than 30 mins altogether for the whole shopping process (including shopping gifts for my family). 


    - I only shop online if I am 100% sure about the security of the website. Narosib is SSL certified and we use a safe encrypted method to make sure our customers financial data is safe . In the other words we don't see or handle any credit card details, a certified / authorised third party platform takes care of the whole process and refunds can be issued by just a press of a button. The platform is also helpful in protecting us as business owners from fraudulant transactions and fake credit cards. 

    - There is no FO-MO: You are not missing out on anything you don’t need or didn't have time to buy.Your time is more expensive than anything else in the world.


    So, these were my thoughts. We still decided to offer 30% off on items starting from today to Monday, but this is mostly out of technical and logistical reasons:

    This is going to be our last online sales event for a long time. As we are a small company with limited resources no shipment is possible between December 11th to Dec 17th. Our online shop will be closed during this period but instead our pop-up shop will be open in Quartier Du Flon in Lausanne.

    Come meet me in person and have a chat, also get a chance to touch and feel Narosib’s products and get access to extraordinary discounts and exclusive items that are not available online. Stay tuned for final details about the event.

    The online shop will receive orders again from Dec 17th to Dec 21st but we won’t be able to guaranty the delivery of your items before Christmas. 

    The last shipment day in 2019 is Dec 22th 

    Order your items latest before Dec 7th to get them before Christmas!

    See you soon! With Love/ Sara


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