A Letter of Gratitude

December 04, 2018

Startup founding story Narosib

The festive season is approaching and the happy scent of cinnamon and pine tree has filled up the air. An annual reminder for me to think of everything I am grateful for and count my blessings. 

I look back at the same time last year, where Narosib was just a collection of legal documents, ideas, and raw designs. With so much hope and laughable optimism, I had given up a corporate job to follow a dream. A decision which has made me both proud and embarrassed at times. A decision I never regretted. It has taken a bit of convincing to bring along my family to be part of something they doubted much in the beginning. Something I cannot thank them enough for.

Both I and Narosib have come a long way. By June 2018 we had a website, a line of uncommon fashion jewellery, and a small collection of sample scarves designed with the help of two lovely designers from opposite sides of the globe.

These accessories to me were more than colourful pieces of luxury scarves and jewellery, they carried the story of a middle eastern woman in Switzerland who could feel at home nowhere and everywhere in this world. A foreigner who was trying to integrate in the society that has become her home but did not want to lose her heritage in the process.

Narosib was born out of my soul-searching journey and therefore is very close to my heart. A journey that was started with digging into sentimental childhood stories of the silk road; a meeting point for different cultures and nations to come closer to each other, exchange beautiful products and help each other grow. This might have been the most naïve way of fantasizing about the silk road nostalgia, but I preferred it to reality. I loved how silk and art were bringing East and West closer to each other along this way.

I wanted to show my silk road inspired love for art, travel, history, and literature from around the world in something that can be carried around easily and effortlessly. Something that can be bold and subtle at the same time. Something meaningful that could be unique like its holder and owner. Something like scarves and jewellery.

Narosib is for the eternal wanderer, for the world citizen and for anyone who cannot get enough of historical museums and world’s cultural heritage, and for anyone who is excited to get to know the people of the world and their stories. We believe learning about different cultures opens the door to more dialogue, understanding and maybe peace.

At Narosib we aim to contribute to this mission by offering unique products and services that are inspired by the world’s cultural heritage.

Being an independent small business with an emerging brand in this competitive world is not for the faint of heart. Some lessons are learned the hard way and growing can be at times painful. But being small also means knowing almost everybody involved in the business personally and remembering what every customer has appreciated. Something that has helped us to pay more attention to the ethical aspect of Narosib’s business, its contribution to the planet and its environmental impact. I hope we can stay like this as long as possible and get even better. 

So, to anyone who is reading, this note comes to you with gratitude. Thank you for visiting this page, for following our story on social media, for making our products yours and also for being gracefully patient with everything that needed to be improved. It is because of you that we have come this far. It is because of you that I haven’t given up on Narosib. I am grateful for you and every second you have spent with us.

With love and gratitude from Sara, Founder of Narosib

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