A collection born in the lockdown

February 03, 2021

A collection born in the lockdown

Launching digital planners was one of the weirdest ( and best) decisions I made during the first wave of lockdown in 2020.

In the last week of march 2020, the world almost froze for me. The postal services got disrupted and the factories in north of Italy suddenly came to a standstill. I quickly had to create a new product that did was not dependent upon postal services and factories and so came to "digital collection" into life. 



What is a digital planner?

A digital planner is just like the traditional paper planners, with the difference that instead of being in paper form, you import a PDF file into a note-taking app and use it on your iPad or tablet.

These interactive PDF planners contain hyperlinked tabs that make navigating through your planner quick and easy. By just clicking on the planner's tabs, the pages flip for you, just like you would use a paper planner with dividers.


fully hyperlinked 2021 digital planners pomegranate

What are digital stickers?

Digital stickers are png files that have a transparent background, and you import these images into your planner.If like to use a lot of visuals to describe and plan your day then you will love digital stickers! They are fun and visually pleasing.


digital stickers zero waste theme

What tools do I need to use digital agendas?

Digital Planners are compatible with both Apple and Android devices. So, the tools depend on which one you have.

If you own IOS system and Apple devices you will need: 

  • iPad Tablets
  • A stylus to write, such as the Apple Pencil
  • Note-Taking App: Goodnotes or Noteshelf App
  • Digital Planner PDF

If you own Android devices you will need: 

  • Android Tablets
  • Stylus to be able to write in your planner
  • Note-Taking App: I recommend the Noteshelf App
  • Digital Planner PDF



What about choosing a note-taking app?

There are several annotation Apps available in the market Goodnotes, Notability and Noteshelf are among the most popular. Most of them are designed for Apple devices. Goodnotes is the most common App while Notability has the best voice recording possibilities.

For Android Tablets, Noteshelf App is most recommended.

Once you choose one, purchase it and make sure it is updated.

Goodnotes Noteshelf Notability Ipad planner digital note-taking apps

How do I buy a digital product?

Once you have completed the order and the payment has processed you will receive a confirmation E-mail with a link to the downloadable file.

Click on the link and download the file. Depending on the size of the file and content you may receive on PDF file or a Zip file containing the PDF or PNG file.If you have received a Zip file , unzip the folder , you will need to import the files inside to your annotation App later


digital planner

How to import my planner into Goodnotes App?

Once you download the files , the planner will open in the Files App of your iPad.In the Files App, click on the file that you want to open.Once it opens, click the Share Icon on the top right corner. You might have to scroll and select Copy to Goodnotes.It will open in Goodnotes. Choose a location + click the import as a new document button. Now, you can use your planner!

Would you like to learn more about digital planners? Then watch this short webinar. 


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